About the House System

LSU Esports House Cup


Esports at LSU is deeply excited to bring back the House Cup for the 2017-2018 school year. This newly tweaked and thoroughly refined structure is focused on building camaraderie and competition within the club. Instead of an intramural system, points will be awarded for participation and winning various contests at each sanctioned eLSU event. The House Cup will be awarded to the most productive team, and a GTX 1070 will be reserved for the player who earns the most points over the course of the semester.

There will be four houses: Middleton Monsters, Locket Launchers, Pentagoons, and the PMAC Punishers. These names are grounded in our campus and provide a sense of tradition and school pride. We hope each team will develop their own cultural norms and identities that promote attendance from event to event. We also hope that this will help new members easily get involved and feel included. Finally, houses provide an internal communication structure where each club member will personally know at least one officer to ask questions or express concerns.

Points will be awarded both for participation, and for winning contests at each event. These contests will primarily include four-player co-op games where each team is represented by one player. Games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Pokemon Stadium, Super Smash Bros, and Super Monkey Ball are prime opportunities. Other four-player PC games will be considered, along with live action games like Ninja and Assassin. An esports/nerdy trivia competition will be a staple for community events.

The House Director will have the final say for any disputes. The Director and House heads will be responsible for tracking points at each event. There should be at least two of these designated officers at any event to maintain integrity and accuracy with scoring. We hope that incentivizing our events through competition will reduce member turnover and promote the kind of competitive excitement we strive to continuously achieve.



Official Season: 10/6 – Final General Meeting


Players may only select one other player to be in the same house with. These two people will act as a couple (In other words, they are paired with each and only each other).

Houses can challenge each other to a competition with wagered point values arranged by House Heads. The team in first place cannot deny any challenges. Wagers can be no more than 15% of House points OR enough to tie the two teams (Points will be taken equally from all participants and then awarded to the winning participants).Challenges must occur at official ELSU events.

Failure to stay for the majority/entirety of an event will result in participation points being revoked except in case of emergencies.

Players may only score one point value for each point opportunity (IE no 2nd attempts/retries).

Each player may only receive one prize (Not including giveaways, raffles, etc).

Cheating or lying (maliciously) is grounds for immediate expulsion from the competitions.

Any impersonation or signing in of those not present is grounds for disqualification/expulsion.

House Director and heads will have final say for any disputes. House heads and Director will all award and record points to maintain accuracy and integrity in the face of point disputes.

Points will be publically available on the LSU Esports website.

Any sanctioned LSU Esports event can and should award points upon approval of Director.

House Heads may only participate in full house bonus events. They can not be volunteered to compete (Helping in trivia for example is fine but they can’t do a mario speed run)


Points Totals:

  • Tournaments:
    • 250 Participation
    • 200 1st Place
    • 100 2nd Place
    • 50 3rd Place
  • Weekly Game Night:
    • 150 Participation
  • General Meeting:
    • 250 participation
  • Bonus Events:
    • 150 to winner





  • Grand Prize: 1070 to top point earner.
  • Top 15% – 25% (depending on participation) win loot boxes
  • The Great Blessing: 1060 to be given away at 3rd general meeting to all people signed up.



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