What is the House Cup?


Esports at LSU is deeply excited to bring back the House Cup for the 2017-2018 school year. This newly tweaked and thoroughly refined structure is focused on building camaraderie and competition within the club. Instead of an intramural system, points will be awarded for participation and winning various contests at each sanctioned eLSU event. The House Cup will be awarded to the most productive team, and a GTX 1070 will be reserved for the player who earns the most points over the course of the semester.

There will be four houses: Middleton Monsters, Locket Launchers, Pentagoons, and the PMAC Punishers. Points will be awarded both for participation, and for winning contests at each event. These contests will primarily include four-player co-op games where each team is represented by one player. Games like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Pokemon Stadium, Super Smash Bros, and Super Monkey Ball are prime opportunities. We hope that incentivizing our events through competition will reduce member turnover and promote the kind of competitive excitement we strive to continuously achieve.

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The Middleton Monsters are known for their thirst for knowledge, and value learning all strategy-related strengths and weaknesses in order to use it to their opponents’ demise. They are the types that can seamlessly switch between characters, knowing the ins and outs of each and every one, and they may be referred to as those who “main Random.” They are also the types who could form a team around weather or entry hazards in Pokemon, or use Trick Room. They know when to pressure, and they also know when to fall back. They love figuring out how well balanced a game is, and due to this trait, they are invaluable judges of character tiers, power creeps, and “broken” abilities. They are highly adaptable and enjoy learning the intricacies and the balances between members of a roster, and know which character is the right choice in the most difficult situations.

Trait: Knowledge


The Pentagoons are the solid wall to any team, and may even be as fluid as a wall of water. They value defensive strategies that thwart most attacks and result in painful recoil to the opponent, most often fatally. They also enjoy camping strategies, and are easily the most observant individuals of their teams. While many of them love nothing more than to relax and enjoy their favorite food or drink of choice, in battle they are a force to be reckoned with. They may seem to falter in the first few moments of battle, but when they have understood a person’s playstyle, they become nearly impossible to defeat. Each move is read with psychic-like precision and is instantly countered with a move that can override or overpower the other person’s. This is because they value learning individual patterns and playstyles the most, and once they have deduced each player’s style, they can become one of the most invaluable strategists in the critical moments where a team needs them most.

Trait: Patterns


The Lockett Launchers are well known for their sheer amount of dedication to the very core of all games- the very frames themselves. They prefer learning exact calculations and practicing general techniques and frame mastery in order to execute attacks with robot-like precision. They know exactly when, how, and where a hitbox will generate, and how to use even the razor’s edge of it to reach an opponent that may otherwise shrug off their position. They also enjoy discussing amongst themselves and the community in order to research more frame data and figure out how things interact, such as Fox’s Shine or Super Wavedashes. Deeply motivated by accuracy, they always march forward towards the bleeding edge of any game’s techniques, glitches, or tier list, as they are always the ones who get the raw data first.

Trait: Accuracy


The Pmac Punishers are known for one thing: power. Extras matter not, and to them, the best offense is also the best defense. They have no need for dancing around limits or close calls when they can push their power past the point of any limits. They may also value speed in the same way, as to them, the amount of hits you get in is more important than any other setup or contraption that may be outclassed by another person’s. They leave no stone unturned in their search for the strongest characters, abilities, or items, and will quickly ditch a main if another stronger one is released. They are the essence of Mewtwo in Gen I, or Mega Rayquaza in Gen VI. If power had a face, they would be the ones to wear it always, and they are valued for being some of the very few who can cripple tanks with a few well placed punches.

Trait: Power

[Fall 2017] Leaderboard
Points Earned
Ben SehringPentagoons4625
Mason AlphonsoMiddleton Monsters3600
Michael ParatorePMAC Punishers2525
Judson RussellMiddleton Monsters2375
Elvyn CachaperoMiddleton Monsters2275
Jacob StumpLockett Launchers2225
Connor SearlePMAC Punishers2225
Dakota SonnierLockett Launchers2175
Cody EastPentagoons1725
Danny WhittakerPmac Punishers1600
John BrucePentagoons1525
Darion MurffPentagoons1350
Bryan JonesLockett Launchers1325
Stefan MatthewsMiddleton Monsters1225
Caroline JareckeLockett Launchers1150
Andres PonceMiddleton Monsters1150
Michael deLucaPmac Punishers1000
Mark MireMiddleton Monsters900
Christopher WeintrittPmac Punishers900
Victor AlvaradoPMAC Punishers850
Tuan NguyenMIddleton Monsters800
Christopher FosterPMAC Punishers800
Keimanie WhiteLockett Launchers750
Ryan SmithLockett Launchers750
Sebastion CarpenterLockett Launchers750
Sara SayerPentagoons750
Jacob SchaefferPmac Punishers750
Samuel WrightPentagoons700
Elise CrabtreeMiddleton Monsters650
Matthew BroussardPentagoons650
Jamesson SalesnevesLockett Launchers550
Brady BurkettLockett Launchers500
Brandon SullivanLockett Launchers500
Logan GuillotteLockett Launchers500
Roman LaFoyLockett Launchers500
Andrew WebbMiddleton Monsters500
Christian KhemmanyvongPentagoons500
Donovan HardisonPentagoons500
Payton NicklesPentagoons500
Sean JiPentagoons500
Gabriel DeatonLockett Launchers400
Damian NaquinMIddleton Monsters400
Nicholas JamesMIddleton Monsters400
Seth WilliamsonPMAC Punishers400
Jordan JohnstonLockett Launchers250
Caleb WrightMiddleton Monsters250
Dominick NaquinMIddleton Monsters250
Seth JacksonMiddleton Monsters250
Tyler MatherneMIddleton Monsters250
Austin SaizanPentagoons250
Joshua SvecPentagoons250
Brant BeckerPMAC Punishers250
Ian ThomasPMAC Punishers250
Keith GonzalesPMAC Punishers225
Jacob McCallLockett Launchers200
Thomas DaleyPMAC Punishers0