NVIDIA is one of the world’s leading companies, pushing the boundaries of tech through their research and innovative products and components. Well known for their signature GPU products, they have expanded into the realms of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, high-performance computing, gaming, self driving cars, and even a streaming media console called SHIELD. NVIDIA is also one of Fortune’s most admired companies, boasting a large variety of awards year after year. Their goal is to continue developing GPU and intelligence technology, and to consistently bring the cutting edge advances of the tech world to your fingertips.

Tespa is a collaboration of college organizations and clubs around the country that come together to further the collegiate esports and gaming cultures, and collectively host some of the largest events and tournaments of their kind. There are well over 200 Tespa chapters across the United States and Canada, and they have gained partnerships with ESPN, Twitch, and many other platforms. Originally a small gaming group in Austin, Texas, their passion since then has never changed – they want gamers to find their place and their future through a group that’s exciting and welcoming to all gamers in all walks of life.

Ballistix boasts unsurpassed speed and quality in their memory components, offering 3 types of DRAM to boost gaming rigs to the extreme. A brand of Micron Technology, it is “the only major brand of gaming memory that builds and tests products from start to finish,” and is backed by a lifetime warranty and some of the strictest testing standards on the market. Their memory is developed entirely for gaming and overclocking, so framerates will be smooth and speeds will be blinding no matter which tier of memory you choose.

Akquire is an innovative clothing company that found its roots in the love of sports of all kinds, and all mediums. They promote the inspirations and the ways of life found in the moments of gliding snow, grinding a wave’s wake, or landing that skill shot. Born from two passions, graphic design and extreme sports, this company sets itself apart by encouraging all to “seek greatness, both in yourself and in others.” They offer a large variety of products, from shirts and hats to stickers and boardshorts. They also support custom designs for esports teams.

UMG Media is one of the United States’ largest and most elite esports companies. They host and sponsor large tournaments in venues across the country, and boast an online gaming platform that allows all gamers to join and compete in registered events and tournaments across Xbox One, PS4, and Steam. They also let hosts upload and display tournament results and ladders from events happening around the world daily. They maintain a general leaderboard for all supported games, and they also offer a UMG Prime subscription which grants access to Prime-only tournaments and brings you to the front lines of community gaming.

GG Superstore is an esports merchandise company founded from their love of competitive gaming. They measure success by the way they interact with all customers – aiming to ” treat our customers like they are friends at a LAN party.” They sponsor all types of gaming communities including tournaments, streamers, and YouTubers across the globe, and are aiming to partner with every North American LCS team in order to become a one stop shop for the esports community.

The Scion Group is a college residency parent company that oversees numerous apartments across the country in 21 states. They are one of the most active companies in the business, and have obtained more than $3 billion in student housing to date. All apartments are located close by the campus they serve, offer spacious residences and amenity packages, and have 24/7 on-site staff. In Louisiana, The Scion Group owns and operates the University Edge, University House Baton Rouge, and Woodlands of Baton Rouge apartment communities.

GamersTrinity is a local trading card game hobby store that also hosts gaming events and tournaments, and allows the rental of Gamers Stations. They also offer board games and accessories and supplies for all card games.

Gameware is the only locally owned and operated video game store in the Baton Rouge area, and they do much more than just video games! They are able to repair game discs and consoles, and they even feature an arcade in the Mall of Louisiana. They also offer many gaming accessories and related merchandise such as wall scrolls, plush toys, board games, trading cards, Ramune soda, and controllers.